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Under production since 2017. Released by Sunqueas Records.



Us is a concept album that follows the personal journey of the Protagonist through a romance, and touches on subjects such as the passage of time and the breakdown of relationships. The album draws inspiration from works across all mediums, such as James Joyce’s Ulysses, Lee Chang-dong’s Poetry, Pink Floyd’s The Wall, and particularly Donald Fagen’s The Nightfly.

Tracklist (TBC)

Side 1 — Thursday

1. The Emerald Bar
2. Flowers in the Rain
3. Magic Hour

Side 2 — Idyll

4. TBC
5. Something Else
6. TBC
7. TBC

Side 3 — Plight

8. Burning with Rage
9. Symphony
10. Always on My Own

Side 4 — Home

11. TBC
12. Soon You’ll Only Be a Memory
13. Child of Bliss
14. A Better Life (One for My Baby)